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Dr.-Ing Jänchen • Business Development

Dr.-Ing. Lars U. Jänchen
Müggenkampstraße 5a
20257 Hamburg

Phone : +49 (0)40 – 5480 6931
Fax : +49 (0)40 – 5480 6932

E-mail: maltio:info@jaenchen-bd.com

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A Wide Range of
Consulting and Services
to Support Your Company Growth

Dr.-Ing. Jänchen • Business Development offers a wide range of consulting and comprehensive services to support your company‘s growth. You can choose to book single projects as need arises or integrated packages of interconnected projects as a longer term support, depending on your individual needs and requirements.

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Consulting / Strategy Development
Get support in developing your global strategy. We offer consulting, work as a sparring partner and we generate the required information base. We help in translating the global strategy into concrete strategies for your organization, marketing and sales, define respective project including planning of resources, time and budgets.
  • Market Research
  • Competitor Analyses
  • Market Entry Strategies
  • Definition of Most Suitable Sales Channels (direct, through distributors; including respective support)
  • Generation of Business Plans
  • Generation of Project Plans
Operational Marketing and Sales Support
Get active support in running your marketing and sales projects. We operate either independently as an external service provider or within your company as interim manager or temporary member of your staff.
  • Set up of most suitable sales channels (direct, through distributors; including respective support)
  • Key-Accounting
  • Management of your distributors / system integrators
  • Marcom programs
Lead Generation Programs
We design and implement lead generation programs, ranging from a single project to integrated packages of interconnected projects. Your sales team will be provided with prequalified customer contacts guaranteeing them to work with highest efficiency.
  • Design, Implementation and Management of a Customer Database
  • Telemarketing programs
  • E-mailer
  • Direct Mailer
  • Advertising / PR / Application Stories
  • Support for Trade Shows / Road Shows
Regional Sales Channel
We take on full responsibility for developing and working specific regional markets for you, to lay the ground work and to successively set up the individual sales structures and channels, as your team member, your sales agent, your sales representative or your distributor. This offer addresses German customers who plan to enter a foreign market as well as customers from abroad who want to enter the German market. Based on our experience and profound knowledge of regions the focus is on Europe, North America and Japan.
About Us

Dr.-Ing. Jänchen Stands for
Professional Business Development

Dr.-Ing. Jänchen • Business Development supports international technology companies to gain profitable growth by providing professional Business Development consulting and comprehensive services.

Depending on customer needs and requirements, duration and extend of the engagement can vary ranging from a single, individual project, to integrated packages of interconnected projects up to a long term collaboration.

For all approaches to company growth, such as growing existing markets including gaining market shares, entering new regional markets or creating fully new markets with new, innovative products, Dr.-Ing. Jänchen • Business Development offers a wide variety of consulting and customizable services to meet all customer needs and requirements. Included is general strategy development and definition, general strategy break down into strategies for organization, marketing and sales, generation of corresponding project plans and action items as well as management and execution of those projects. Dr.-Ing. Jänchen • Business Development is prepared to manage sales territories also.

Customers find in Dr.-Ing. Jänchen • Business Development a competent and loyal partner and will benefit from the company as a reliable and flexible resource.

The wide range of consulting and proven services are based on 20+ years of business development experience in various international technology companies in the field of automation, especially Machine Vision and Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing, regionally focusing on Europe, USA and Japan.
Dr.-Ing. Jänchen • Business Development partners with its customers and serves as a reliable and flexible resource in all stages of the customer's growth path, competently and loyally. Goals and duration are individually matched to the customer’s needs and requirements.

We are there whenever you need us to provide whatever support you need.

Dr.-Ing. Jänchen • Business Development takes on different roles for its customers: consultant and sparring partner, external provider of supporting services, interims manager and project manager or temporary member of staff, dependant upon customer needs and requirements. The engagement can be based on short term projects, often though it develops into a longer term or permanent collaboration.

Dr.-Ing. Jänchen • Business Development treats its customers fair and with utmost respect. Communication is open and direct, hence customers can rely on honest statements and results, never sugar coated or tweaked. Work is performed result-driven with a clear focus on vision and goals, efficiently, pragmatically and hands-on. Thus Dr.-Ing. Jänchen • Business Development generates for its customers results that matter.

Dr.-Ing. Jänchen • Business Development is a member of a large network of experienced partners. Dr.-Ing. Jänchen • Business Development optionally can involve those partners to serve its customers in the best possible way.

No matter what level of support Dr.-Ing. Jänchen • Business Development‘s customers choose, they can rely on solid results generated by a competent and loyal partner.
Dr.-Ing. Jänchen
The work of Dr. Lars Jänchen is based on 20+ years of experience in the automation industry gained in various, international technology companies in different business development positions. Positions held include project manager, product manager, marketing manager, sales director and vice president, setting up and managing a subsidiary in the US. Work always was performed with an international perspective in multi-cultural environments focusing on Europe, the United States and Japan.

Extensive knowledge and insights were built up in selling products, customized products and projects to OEM customers, to system integrators as well as to end customers, by direct sales as well as through distributors. Respective strategies were developed and corresponding sales channels were set up and managed.

All work experiences were made in highly international environments. Especially living and working in the US for six years as vice president and general manager as well as representing a Japanese supplier resulted in a deep awareness for the cultural differences and their strong impact on business relationships. Knowing and understanding the different mentalities and business attitudes, strong and prospering international relationships were built.

Industry focus is on the automation industry, especially on Machine Vision and the Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing.

Our Customers

Your Goal is
Profitable Growth

You manage a technology company and sell your products to industrial companies. Your goal is profitable growth which you plan to achieve by systematically working the respective markets. You plan to expand markets in which your company is already active to the full potential. Or you plan to enter regional markets which are new to your company. Or you strive to create new markets with your new, innovative products. You are very aware that a clear strategy and its stringent implementation will generate your success.

You are lacking time, resources, specific sales and marketing know-how or access to individual markets in order to quickly define and implement the required strategies. You strive to move ahead faster.

In that case look for a highly qualified and loyal partner as a reliable and flexible resource. Gain the profitable growths you planned for and build up your company. Join forces with Dr.-Ing. Jänchen • Business Development and make use of its professional business development consulting and services. Rely on profound consulting and comprehensive business development services. Choose to be supported with individual projects or long term engagements.